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(6 Weeks - 23 Months)

We create a caring, nurturing, and very safe environment. Our program is designed to help your child flourish in their independence, exploration, and discovery. They will build social awareness, improve coordination, improve communication skills, and explore music. Our program includes a Montessori activity time, snack, music, outdoor activities, and more!


Your child's progress will be documented and sent through the Procare app, the #1 Child Care Management Software. 

Our school is a montessori school with an emphasis on music for young minds. We offer music classes every day with an accredited music teacher. Some days we even have TWO! At no additional charges.

We have a piano and guitar teachers who come and help grow the passion for life, movement, music, and learning.

(24-36 months)

The Montessori toddler program offers very young children a very unique school year of self-development in a tender atmosphere of special understanding, respect, and support. Our teachers protect the gradual separation of each child from the mother by creating a very gentle and slow parting of each adult-child couple. As the toddlers gradually become comfortable in their new environment, they learn to trust the teachers and the other children around them.

Practical Life, Sensory Motor, Language & Gross Motor Activities help to promote independence. This also teaches the young children self-care, discrimination of the senses, communication, concentration skills, and opportunities for children to work collectively as a group or independently.



Two Important Aspects: Practical Life and Sensorial

Practical Life offers our students exercises in daily living that serve as a foundation for their development. These exercises continue throughout the Elementary program. This area enhances the
development of order, concentration, coordination, and independence. Children take initiative in caring for themselves and the environment. Gross and fine motor skills are promoted to prepare them for future academic work. The students assume responsibility for specific jobs important in the classroom community.

The purpose of the Sensorial area is to increase children's awareness and ability to classify their work through their five senses. The child’s first introductions to mathematics are through materials that involve dimension, weight, sequence, quantity, gradation, serration, and measurement. These attractive materials increase children’s ability to categorize their environment according to their sensory input.

Our school is a Montessori school with an emphasis on music for young minds. We offer music classes every day with an accredited music teacher. Some days we even have TWO! At no additional charges.

We have a piano and guitar teachers who come and help grow the passion for life, movement, music, and learning.

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Primary Class
Preschool / Kindergarten

(3 - 6 years)


This class promotes individuality, confidence, responsibility for one’s self and fellow peers, respect for the classroom, and freedom to participate in many different activities as the child develops. The freedom to pursue own self interests by choosing activities enables the child to exercise some control over his or her life.

The Vernon Hills Montessori Academy serves Vernon Hills, Indian Creek, Mundelein, Libertyville, Lincolnshire, Buffalo Grove, and Hawthorn Woods, Illinois.

We are a private pre-school which is a major step beyond daycare and kindergarten.

The Montessori method is a superior education program.


At Vernon Hills Montessori Academy, the kindergarten child is presented with endless opportunities to develop all his senses and his motor skills with the aid of self-correcting materials in a prepared setting. During the third year a child can not only work with these materials in more depth, thus gaining more insights from them, but, using this base, can move into the academic areas.

Next, having learned from older children, shared with peers and helped younger children, our kindergarteners have the opportunity to assume leadership within the classroom.

In our school, the kindergartners enjoy and benefit from being involved in many enrichment classes, such as private piano, guitar, voice, throwing, gymnastics lessons and more.

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After School

After School Times:
2:15pm – 6:00pm

Public schools in Vernon Hills area:

  • Hawthorn Aspen Elementary School

  • Hawthorn Elementary School South

  • Hawthorn Elementary School North

  • Hawthorn Middle School South

  • Hawthorn Middle School North

  • Hawthorn School Of Dual Language

  • Townline Elementary School

  • John Powers Center

  • Lincoln Early Learning Center

  • School for Young Learners

* Reasonable charge will be applied to out-of-school district pickups, subject to change.

** Drop off and pick up from and to school is available for an additional charge, subject to change.

What we do:

  • Delicious and warm supper

  • Supervised homework help

Wide range of after school activities:

  • Children’s Choir (we sing in foreign language children songs)

  • Music theory

  • Piano lessons

  • Voice lessons

  • Rhythmic gymnastics

  • Indoor tennis for 4 – 8 years old

  • Foreign languages (Russian and Spanish available now, more to add in the future)

  • Craft

  • Fun at recreational parks near-by

* Private lessons available for any of the above activities (you don’t have to drive your child around!)

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