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Meet Margarita Shvets, a gifted musician and Educator with raw ambition. Author of two books, as well as speaker for Illinois Montessori Society, the Owner and Founder of Vernon Hills Montessori Academy, as well as Rhythm of Learning music school in Hawthorn mall.

Margarita has created an amazing learning environment for all ages with her Rhythm of Learning programs. Margarita has a Masters degree in Psychology and methods of primary education. She is also a certified Montessori teacher in early childhood education. Her Masters degree in music helped her to develop a program combining Montessori methods with a great emphasis on music.

Rhythm of Learning is expanding across the US (Rhythm of Learning Academy opened in Naples, Florida in April 2021 and our Miami, Florida location is scheduled to open by the end of 2022). There are many opportunities to partner, sponsor and invest in a company that is in the forefront of nurturing, developing, and enhancing the lives of many through the power of music.


Rhythm of Learning was created to fulfill the demand of supplying top notch daycare, schooling, and music to a broader range of families for children of the ages from 6 weeks to 6+ years, including after school and summer camp programs. 

When you build out a dynamic location for the children and you combine it with a hybrid daycare and music model it provides exceptional value for families.

The combination of music, multiple languages, play time, updated equipment, and a nice environment brings out the best in the children who enroll in our school.


We specifically seek to open locations in desirable areas with families who value a diverse curriculum with our proven business model.



  Awaken a winner within your child

  Foster the inner child

  Transform our world with love, compassion and kindness

  Engage each child through innovative academics

  Promote emotional intelligence

  Exploration of character, and a fearless, forward, ignite happiness through passion and cultivate leaders with heart


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