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Primary Class
Preschool / Kindergarten

(2.5 - 6 years)


This class promotes individuality, confidence, responsibility for one’s self and fellow peers, respect for the classroom, and freedom to participate in many different activities as the child develops. The freedom to pursue own self interests by choosing activities enables the child to exercise some control over his or her life.

The Spring Grove Montessori Academy serves Spring Grove, Fox Lake, Richmond, Johnsburg, Antioch, Round Lake beach Illinois. We are a private pre-school which is a major step beyond daycare and kindergarten. The Montessori method is a superior education program.


At Vernon Hills Montessori Academy, the kindergarten child is presented with endless opportunities to develop all his senses and his motor skills with the aid of self-correcting materials in a prepared setting. During the third year a child can not only work with these materials in more depth, thus gaining more insights from them, but, using this base, can move into the academic areas.

Next, having learned from older children, shared with peers and helped younger children, our kindergarteners have the opportunity to assume leadership within the classroom.

In our school, the kindergartners enjoy and benefit from being involved in many enrichment classes, such as private piano, guitar, voice, throwing, gymnastics lessons and more.

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After School

After School Times:

Public schools in SPRING GROVE area:

  • Spring grove Elementary School

  • Spring grove School District 11

  • Lotus Elementary School

  • Stanton public school

  • Richmond Grade School

  • Richmond Burton Community High School

* Reasonable charge will be applied to out-of-school district pickups, subject to change.

** Drop off and pick up from and to school is available for an additional charge, subject to change.

What we do:

  • Delicious and warm supper

  • Supervised homework help

Wide Range of After School Activities:

  • Children’s Choir (we sing in foreign language children songs)

  • Music theory

  • Piano lessons

  • Voice lessons

  • Rhythmic gymnastics

  • Indoor tennis for 4 – 8 years old

  • Foreign languages (Russian and Spanish available now, more to add in the future)

  • Craft

  • Fun at recreational parks near-by

* Private lessons available for any of the above activities (you don’t have to drive your child around!)

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Summer Camp

  • 10 weeks of Summer Fun

  • A Creative and intellectually stimulating experience with exciting and educational field trips

  • Super fun activities all-day

  • Weekly music lessons

  • Weekly tennis

  • Weekly fun themes.

  • Extravagant concert at the end of summer

  • Arts and crafts

  • Dance and sports


Benefits of Spring Grove Montessori Camp:

  • Art & Crafts

  • Dance & Sports

  • Improves physical and mental strength, endurance, and motor fitness. These activities also help our students in their social development. They learn teamwork and grow in confidence

It’s Proven Fact Music And Art Boosts:

  • brainpower

  • improves memory

  • helps students socially

  • builds confidence

  • teaches patience

  • helps them to connect

  • teaches discipline

  • fosters creativity

  • constant learning and a great form of expression

Weekly Field Trips:

Our field trips are educational and relate to the activities we participate in each week! We go to museums, libraries, local attractions, zoos, forest preserves, and more!

Montessori Education, Foreign Languages and Math Montessori education is distinctly different because our students learn at their own pace. We believe in students taking initiative.


We focus on learning a different culture every week.

Music and Dancing really go well together

Our Dedicated Staff

Spring Grove Montessori's staffs is organized by both School the Director and teachers, as they are year-round staff for our Montessori classrooms and after-school program. This ensures that we are experienced in working with children in a fun, safe, and educational atmosphere.

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